Sunday, December 8, 2013

Osaka: Part 2

Kuromon market...

We bought a day-pass for the subway. 
This means that we could travel to any part of Osaka by paying a single rate.
From Osaka City station, our destination was the Nanba district.
There's just a short walk to the market, but we went on a wild goose chase.
After adjusting our bearings, we finally found the entrance to the market and some of the shops there were not opened.

A welcome sign at the entrance of the market

Fried chicken

A decent snack!
Food glorious food... 

Having seen the market in Kyoto, the Kuromon market is one notch up.
And if you are looking for cheap stuff to munch, this is the place to be.
We found a stall selling fried boneless chicken breast. 
It's sold for 120 Yen and its really delicious.
When we walked down the market, I noticed fishmongers selling Fugu (blowfish) and that's not only it, there are many shops that are licensed to sell this deadly fish.
Fugu has a gland containing tetrodotoxin that can paralyse you and shut down your organs.
We gave this exotic and deadly dish a pass and went on to check out some really cool shops in the market..

Live ones! Fugu for sale

A fish monger dressing a Fugu

Eat if you dare: Fugu sashimi
Kobe beef: Japan's highly regarded treasure

We were walking to the mid-section of the Kuromon market and noticed a lady working on an electric skillet.
Sticks of Kobe beef was offered at 550 Yen (RM17.30) each and we just took the cue to order one just for trying.
The dish was very simple. 
While its being slowly roasted on the skillet, a mixture of salt and pepper was added.
We watched as the marbled beef slowly cooks and the smell was just amazing.
Taste wise, it was just awesome. The beef literally melted in our mouth.

Kobe beef on the skillet

The cook working her magic with the beef
A happy camper!
The street food scene in Kuromon was just fantastic 
If you are in the area, there's plenty to look at.
Food is pretty cheap (compared to many other places around Osaka).
Instant cup noodles go for 98 Yen (RM3.10) on the average and there are many shops selling snacks that goes down well with beers! 
We spent a couple of hours at the Kuromon Market before heading off to the Dotonbori district for a late lunch.

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