Saturday, December 7, 2013

Assignment: Kyoto - Part 6

 Moving downtown...

We checked out from our luxury hotel in the uptown area and took the train down to the Kyoto Central station.
I booked a room at the Hokke Club Inn.
Just for a night, the room costs about 20,000 Yen (RM630 per night).
We had no choice as all the rooms in Osaka has been fully booked as it was a weekend.

Leaving the Kokusaikaikan station for downtown
We reached the downtown area about 10am in the morning and worked our way towards the Hokke Club Inn.
There, we left our luggage and walked towards the Toji Temple, a UNESCO Heritage site and toured the area. 

Michelle at the Toji temple

The colours of fall..

Admiring a shrine..

My clik-elite Venture 35 photo backpack
After spending some time at the temple, we moved across the road towards an AEON shopping mall.
We had some lunch and Ramen was our choice order.
There were some interesting outlets at the Mall and one of them was the Mont Bell outdoor shop.
I was looking for some Snowpeak items but to no avail.
From there, we walked back to the Hokke Club Inn and checked ourselves in, it was indeed a real small room!

Taking snapshots

A nice view of the Kyoto tower

A stylish cyclist

A Shiba-Inu, Japan's favourite dog
Our little room in the Hokke Club Inn...
A nice bowl of Ramen..

Happy! Happy! Happy!
Shijo: revisited...

After settling-in at the hotel, Michelle wanted to see Kyoto's recommended sites.
I took her to Shijo-Dori and explored the market there.
We walked around and savoured some local food before heading back to the Inn.

Michelle, at the entrance of the market
Tuna sashimi in sticks

Shopping for souvenirs

A knife shop in Shijo

Locally-made blades..
We walked around Shijo before heading back to Kyoto Central station for dinner.
My feet was killing me and when we found a decent place to eat, Michelle and I settled for an Agemono (fried stuff) outlet and ordered Tonkatsu.
The choice dish was a pork fillet katsu and that made our day!

The tonkatsu outlet..
Makan places in the underground mall where we ate was packed to the brim.
There were many restaurants offering meals and we were quite okay with it.
I noticed that there were many tourists who just arrived from the Kansai international airport.
Many were eating in the outlets with their luggage next to them...


Our last day in Kyoto was "turbo-charged".
We spent time sight-seeing and had a great dinner to end the day.
Back in the hotel, we packed up our stuff and prepared ourselves mentally for the train ride to Osaka..

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