Sunday, December 8, 2013

Osaka: Part 4

In the lap of luxury...

We returned to the Osaka City station to check-in at the Granvia hotel.
Six nights in Kyoto, our last day in Japan was a grandeur affair.
Michelle's contact in Japan had booked us a room at the Granvia's executive suite.
We've had a great stay in Kyoto, and in Osaka, let's just say that it got even better! 

The concierge checking us in at the executive suite.. 
The awesome view!
The dinner plan.. 

Before we shot out to the Nanba district again, we actually bought some beers from a convenience store.
Michelle wanted to surprise her dad as well as her brother with a selection of local brew.
We've had a great time shopping for the trinkets and as we slowly watched the sun set over the skyline, it's time to hit the executive lounge.
There some really cool stuff at the special floor and we've had some Green Tea Latte before going down to the subway..

Dontobori after dark.. 

The wrong one.. 

I marked down "Rokko" yakiniku restaurant.
The city guide has a special offer: Free drinks for the first round. And best of all, its "all you can eat" for two hours.
So, based on the map, I tried to locate the place. And ended up in the wrong outlet.
Michelle was rather upset. 
We went out again, and found another place. And also wrong the second time.
But we didn't give up. We went to the next block and finally located "Rokko" yakiniku restaurant.
The timing was pretty right and at 7:15pm, it felt like a lifetime!
We were seated by our hostess who took our order. 
Our option was set "A" - 12 different kinds of meat at 1,970 Yen (RM52) per head and top up with another 1,500 Yen (RM47.20) you get bottomless beers! 
For a beer lover like me, its the way to spend our last night in Osaka! 
And I must say that our choice was a good pick.
If you every head to Osaka for a holiday, get a copy of the "Explorer Osaka" guide book from the Tourist Information Office in Osaka City station. Do insist on a copy as the counter clerk would only give them away if requested.

So, there we were, enjoying a real solid dinner.
We barbecued some meat and downed our beers. 
The owner of the restaurant was very friendly. He asked if we wanted more meat and was obliging to serve them.
Beers were bottomless as we slowly guzzled away the night.


Our dinner, roasting over the grill

Nothing like a mug of chilled beer!


Michelle, enjoying her brew...
Calling it a day.. 

We paid our bill, put on our jacket to brace the chill outside and made our way to the Shinshaibashi train station.

Downtown Osaka was slowly shutting down as we made our way back to our room.
Before we got back, I went to the convenience store to round up some cup noodles and packed bread with stuffing.
We had to head off at 07:00am and catch a bus to Kansai International Airport the following day.
Even back at the room, Michelle had work to do as her business is being managed through her Android tablet.
As for me, a week of holiday is drawing to an end. 
All there's left to do, is to pack up and get ready for the long journey home...

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