Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Day Ride

Some people have to work...

I was rostered for duty on May 01, which is a National holiday.
And since my bikes are rigged for the road, I decided that it was best to go Car-Free for the day. 
It's also an avenue to test my Tern Eclipse S18.
Michelle too had decided to cycle to her work place, some 8km away from our home in Subang Jaya.
We woke up, set the bikes and rode out to USJ 16 to have our breakfast.
After doing so, we rode out to the USJ4 intersection where we parted ways.

Leaving for work..

Our boy
A new route..

I rode towards USJ 4 and exited near the KESAS bridge. 
From there, it was a short climb and the Federal Highway Motorcycle Lane was not too far away. This is roughly about 10km from our home.
I hit the bike lane and rode towards Jalan 223 and exited the lane through a slip road near the Naza car dealership.
This is the back road in Section 14 which leads into the Section 13 industrial area and a left turn gets me on the Section 16 road.
Back-to-back, it's basically a little bit shorter than the usual ride from USJ26 towards USJ 20 and USJ 1.


Leaving USJ 16

Char Koay Teow
Heading to USJ 16

Riding along USJ23

The bike, rolling downhill
A quiet day at the office..

I reached my work place at about 10:45am. And was the earliest executive around.
Prior to an arrangement made with the Security office, I had no problems bringing my bike into the office.
Later in the day, my boss remarked: "What is this? I can't bring my son into the office and you are parking your bike next to you!"
I told her that I had clearance to do so and children are not allowed into the workplace for safety reasons.
Obviously, that had struck a sour note and left a bad taste in her mouth. But a fact is a fact, we have paperwork to allow us to cycle to work. Thanks to my buddy Eddie who cleared this with the main man in charge of the newspaper: We can cycle to work at any given day. That includes parking the bike next to my desk.

At the Federal Highway Bike Lane
Dressed up for work!
The skies, getting dark.. 

It was raining in Petaling Jaya and seeing that there were enough people on the desk, I changed back into my cycling gear and pushed off.
There was really no point in staying behind because I had a day off the following day and was looking forward to finish up the May issue of the The Malaysian Foldie at home.
So, with the remaining daylight, I set out towards the Federal Highway and entered the exit near SS13 in Subang Jaya. 
By the time I got across to the USJ 1 interchange, the sky was already dark.
My only source of lighting was the Valo 2 headlight powered by the Joule 3 dynamo hub which performed flawlessly.
I slowly made my way to USJ20 near the Main Place shopping mall.
This part of the ride used to be quiet to traffic, but with the new shopping place, its kinda busy and unsafe.
Nevertheless, I made it home and took about 1hr 35minutes to get home from the office. And the rest was history...

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