Thursday, May 8, 2014

The "husband and wife" thing..

Someone out there is not happy..

The issue Tan hated so much..
I received my first negative comment about The Malaysian Foldie e-Magazine.
It read: "More of a husband and wife adventure stories. What a let down".
This was shared on Google+ by some dude by the name of Tan Leh Choon. Could be a man or a woman.
There are many speculations and the social media is rife with rumours like: 

  1. The guy couldn't get his gay partner to cycle.
  2. His partner, a cyclist had left him for another guy..
  3. He hates his wife
  4. He couldn't get it up and takes it out on couples.
  5. He claimed to have contracted herpes from sitting too long on the bike saddle.
  6. The chamois cream given by a couple had turned out to be contact glue.
  7. He hates cycling couples.
  8. He was abused with a bicycle chain when he was a child.
  9. He was a love child of a cycling couple.
  10. He was violated with a bicycle seatpost.
And the list goes on and one. Well, my buddies were just poking fun at the guy. By the way it read, the guy or girl did not elaborate why the whole magazine was a "let down".
As a matter of fact, it was not about a couple outing. The main story was about a group ride to the Elephant Sanctuary in Kuala Gandah, Pahang.
It would be credible if Tan could have elaborated on why the magazine sucks.

The truth about cycling couples..

Me and my wife Michelle, I love this picture!

Well, there aren't many husband & wife, boyfriend & girlfriend cycling teams out there. 
Be it road, mountain or leisure cyclists, its hard to find a couple that cycles together.
It's either the guy, or the girl who does the cycling.
And there are benefits of cycling as a couple...

  1. Builds character.
  2. No infidelity issues: your wife won't doubt you when you cycle because she's there.
  3. Fosters unity. A couple that cycles together, stays together.
  4. Saves cost, if you cycle as a pair the expenses are split in half.
  5. Promotes healthier living. Damn right it does!
I can dig up a longer list, that the five above is the best I can think of.
So, if you are married or in a relationship, the toughest challenge is to get your prominent half to get out and cycle.
I had no issues because my wife can cycle, loves cycling and enjoys touring.
We had our high and lows on the road, but at the end of our journey, we learn to appreciate each other even more! Now, that's cycling as a couple.
My word to Tan, before you shoot your mouth, think carefully. Why, because you are responsible for what you say. 

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