Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cycle to work: The Al Jazeera experience

Honoring a request...

I was contacted by Pak Hardjito Warno, a cameraman and video editor for Al Jazeera (a middle-eastern cable TV news channel) to do a video for their Bike to work feature.
He needed some footage of people cycling to work.
I also informed him about the MBPJ Car Free Day which enables him to get some extra footage on cycling activities in the Klang Valley, in which he did.
Then, we've made an arrangement to meet up for the shoot.
I told him that I cycle to work from my house in Subang Jaya to Petaling Jaya.
And that the course is about 43km in a loop.
Hardjito agreed and engaged a colleague riding a motorcycle to trail my ride.
I've actually done a "Cycle to work" video last year with The Star Switch-Up TV and gave Hardjito the reference on YouTube.

Screen grab: Leaving home for the office..

"How on Earth did you find me?"

I asked Hardjito on how he had located me.
"Google", he said.
So, after filming the required segments, we met up at the One City Mall and I had my Tern Eclipse S18 rigged with a GoPro action camera.
The guys came to my house and taped me leaving on my bike. You can see my pooch Sir Naughty in the background.
I rode towards USJ 1 onto the Federal Highway where the crew had set up a few shots.
This includes an overhead shot on the bike lane from the 222 intersection near Petaling Jaya..

Riding along USJ 20

Rolling along

Negotiating traffic in USJ 1

The 10-second interview

We did a few re-shoots and I was actually running late.
By the time I arrived at my office, I had 15-minutes to boot before the morning editorial meeting.
The shoot took place on a Monday where I am rostered on duty as the person in charge.
So, on the whole, the shoot had turned out fine and when the footage was released, I was suprised that it was used as the lead segment in the feature.
This was a recognition given by Hardjito's editors and I am glad to be part of the Car Free movement especially when it comes to cycling to work.. 

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