Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The G-10 has arrived...

My Canon Powershot G-10 is finally here.After nearly a month in waiting, the camera arrived at my desk today. This will be my fifth G-series compact
digital camera and after cycling through a number of them, I found that many improvements was done to the
hardware.The only beef I had with this new machine, is the battery. To get it going without much recharging, I need two
more spare batteries. Since it was paid in full by my company, Canon had missed out the battery. I was also told that there is a
backorder for the batteries and the wait may take more than a month.As a start, the G-10 will see some action in my food trail and since the G-9 and its predecessor the G-7 is now
officially retired from active duty, it will be used in my offshore adventures.I will post pictures as the G-10 is put to test.
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