Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swamp dawgs

I've been following the Pulau Ketam issue on dog-dumping.
Firsrtly, there has been an outburst of emotion on the issue and some independant rescuers took matters into their own hands to save the marooned mutts.
Way I see it, strays are the most resilient pooches around. You can chuck them anywhere and chances are, a handful will live to see tomorrow.
Dead dogs in the swampy area called Pulau Tengah where the dogs were marooned, was an indication and only the strong will survive.
The rescue attempt also saw some prominence in the media.
Whether the folks were genuine in thier mission, there are other issues arising from relocating the rescued pooches.
I believe that the surviving dogs will continue to thrive in their hostile environment no matter what.
Their instincts will get them through the toughest situation.Now that the whole thing has gone out of proportion, some quarters are alleging that the independant rescue body is soliciting funds for the cause and that the move is illegal.
Again, the integrity of the people who conducted the rescue is in question. So, are they doing it for personal glory? Or for the sake of humanity?
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