Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inkjet cartridges suck!

After replacing my ageing Epson photo printer, I invested in a five ink Canon photo printer system.
It wasn't as pricey as the older printer and yields some really amazing results. But there was a catch. The replacement cartridges are fucking expensive!
I paid nearly RM200 to replace four colour cartridges and well, after doing a deep printer head cleaning, the results are as good as I first got it.
With an exception for the first A4 sized print I made of shot taken at last weekend's team-building event.
It was kinda soft and fuzzy. I guess that it was the printer setting and paper quality. Later, I replaced the medium to a higher quality gloss paper and was amazed at the results.
From the looks of it, the Canon printer is gonna be serving my needs for a while till another better and more economic one comes around..
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