Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Over to you Mr Toad...

I was making a beeline to work on Monday and heard over the radio that John Toad, a former manager of a racing team has been made tourism ambassador of Malaysia.
My initial reaction was: "What the fuck????". The justification given by the Government on this was: "Mr Toad is famous and therefore, can influence more people to travel to Malaysia.
"Its true that his girlfriend is a famous Malaysian-born actress and that he travelled the world under the premeirship of an Italian auto-maker. That was it.
Ask any kampung fellah who 'John Toad' is, they would probably give you a blank stare. The fact that Mr Toad was given a title and a speedy permanent residentship came under heavy fire from certain quarters.
His appointment as tourism ambassador fuelled more criticism. But really, what does Mr Toad know about Malaysia apart from flying in and out, living in five star hotels, spending most of his time at the racing track and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.
Under the banner of Italy's premier auto-maker, everyone wants to know him. But once you leave the fraternity, you joint the ranks of 'has been'.
So, naturally, we being Malaysians do what we know best: forget.
If Mr Toad is paid to endorse Malaysia as a tourism destination, I guess the Government had splurged tax payer's funds on the wrong guy.
The question is: are we paying to feed this bloodsucking Toad? If yes, then its a sad thing for the country. If he does it for free, then we'll have wait and see.
Way I see it - it's only fair to appoint a Malaysian as a spokesman about Malaysia to other parts of the world.
Nobody cares about a recycled Toad or what he can do to promote the country. And best of all, he is not even a Malaysian!
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