Sunday, May 31, 2009

The suckage..

I was told that my 'You SUCK!' heckling became a subject of controversy.
Some of my colleagues were not happy with the loud statement and that such was raised to the boss for a reprimand.
True that during the 'moment' when I heckled some of the guys, I was pumped with beer. Nevertheless, the word 'suck' was not seen as cool thing to say.
So, that said, I have to watch with total restraint from using the word: "You SUCK!" to prevent more mayhem and disunity among my co-workers.
NOTE TO SELF: "Do not dispense such words uncessarily even if the person sucks. Use the word 'SUCK' sparingly or live in a world of suck. It will be hard to 'un-suck' the things I have said."
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