Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The book

My buddy Mr Kee wanted to know if I am interested in writing a book.I told him that I was too lazy to do so. There has been too many food guides in the country and personal memoirs
by reporters and writers.A book would be the launching pad for any journo's career and being a published author is certainly an ego
boost. Right now, I don't need any. But I have got some ideas for the later years. I still feel that as a writer, I need to build
my following.As far as food is concerned, I've been doing it for a few years. I have yet to gauge the following or folks who
actually bother to scrutinise my work.Yet, people do chime in to give their two cents worth. Most were good and a few rather abrasive remarks were
made.I agree that the readers are important because without their support, the paper or book wouldn't sell. And having
known the industry over the years, I knew who were the real deal and the bogus shit artists.Its not hard to sniff them out because it shows in their work. The good ones are products of passion and after
going through some weblogs on the subject, I found that at least one or two part time writers are passionate
about their work.They may not be trained for the task, but the enthusiasm and willingness to improve made up for it. As for me, a
book on food is certainly far from reach. Good writers are not easily found, but they can be groomed. At this point in life -- that's how I see it.
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