Saturday, May 9, 2009

Squid mission accomplished..

The score - an indo-pacific sailfish

A great start for this year's squid adventure

I think I can sleep the whole day. 
My squid jigging outing had turned out to be one helluva ride. Two storms at night, and a helluva haul including the bonus sailfish we landed off the shores of Kemaman, Terengganu.
Lucky for me, we had an excellent boatman who did an awesome job hitting the squid shoals. 
From bite-sized to giant ones, we scored at least 30kgs of fresh squids. The moment was a sailfish who took our live bait. 
Our skipper took just 15 minutes to land this sucker which was already dying. Its guts was hanging out of its mouth.
Despite the storm and an early departure to KL, this is perhaps one of the best outing for this year. 
Spare the motherfuckers who stood us up, the saving grace is the fact that we have a smaller vessel and a guy who knows his job: to find squid! *hoooyaah!* 
And tonite, my squid-jigging buddy Ryota Hazishume and I are going to celebrate with some squid sashimi, tempura and tonkatsu!
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