Sunday, May 10, 2009

The week that was..

A blurry shot of  Ryota-san

Ika sorumen

Raw squid slices at its best..

Squid sashimi

Wow! I must have hibernated the whole day.
The fresh squids are neatly vacuum packed and frozen. When Mrs Samo is back, we'll have some barbequeued squid.
Anyways, I caught up with Ryota Hazishume for dinner and a couple of beers. He was very happy with the results and well, by the time I caught hold of him, he was already pissed drunk.
We had dinner at a new Japanese tonkatsu place in SS15, Subang Jaya. Pretty cool tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and some tasty squid sashimi. 
I also tried out this new dish called ika sorumen. Kinda interesting cos its squid shredded like noodles and eaten raw.
Since the squids are fresh, its also very sweet and crunchy. I met this very friendly Japanese guy and his family who thanked Ryota-san for all the squid.
Then, there was this chinaman who married a Jap who wasn't that hospitable, he kept pushing the squid sashimi to the Jap dude. 
Anyway fuck the old bugger. Ryota-san was on autopilot when I left the food outlet. I hope someone would send him home.

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