Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hoax

Never listen to rumours.Especially when it comes to financial rewards. A month ago, news about a month's gratuity payment had spread like wildfire. The folks at my workplace had placed some bets on getting some extra moolah in their April paycheck. Sadly, nothing came through.Short of a grinding halt, many are cursing the top honcho for allegedly making a hint. Way I see it, I can still survive and with the last pay cut on my taxes, I can breathe easy.So, technically speaking, two thirds of my wages would go into repayment of loan, debts and utilities. This leaves very little for savings. Last month, I was glad to have some cash stashed aside to pay for my vehicle's road tax. It took a big chunk away and I can immediately see my bank balance shrinking. Won't be another few months till things would float back into the black. That said, at the mean time, I had to trim the fat and go on a very lean budget.A huge portion of May's expenditure will go into the squid trip. To offset the cost, I sold some knives. While keeping things at a bare minimum, my hope is to pull through this month without a hitch.
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