Thursday, January 20, 2011

An affordable training foldie - Dahon Dash P18

Affordable mini road bike with decent quality components
I was in Bangsar for lunch this afternoon.
Made a pit-stop at Rodalink's outlet and was impressed with their window display.
On the top shelf, there was the Dahon Dash P18, it was sitting pretty.
I saw the Dash X20 bike yesterday and was impressed with the overall quality of the bike.
The P18, which is built on the same frame design, is a an economical solution to those who wants the handling of a road bike with hybrid features.
If you examine the bike up close, the only difference is the handlebars.
On the Dash P18, you will get an upright riding position, similar to hybrids while the X20 utilises high quality shifters and brake levers on its drop-handles.
With a pricetag of RM2.65K a pop, I won't be surprised if the bike gets snagged at the Saturday FBC meeting and 2011 Dahon Folding Bike preview.
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