Monday, January 10, 2011

Dahon Malaysia FBC 2nd Meeting and Preview

Eagerly awaited: the Dahon Vector X20

I was asked to give a slide show presentation on Jan 22.
Its also a packed day as Michelle's cousin is hosting a wedding dinner.
The expected crowd is around 30 people, but I suspect that there will be more people as Le Run Marketing is throwing in some 'mystery gift' to the guests there.
Anyway, the most eagerly-awaited bike is the Vector X20 and one is already gone as it was pre-ordered.
This is 'the' road bike with some of the best high-end components utilised.
The SRAM RED drive train is said to be the best on the planet and with a price tag of RM10K, I'd say anyone who is gonna score this bike would be either a serious rider of some jerkoff who wants to show off..
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