Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally - a week off!

After working for 11 days in a row, I was finally given a week off. 
It was a well-deserved break in my humble opinion, but it came with a price.
On Sunday, I overlooked something in my workflow and the cascading effects that came with this costly blunder was like being hit by a rogue wave.
First thing at night, a management staff rang me up and started screaming at me.
I told her that there's nothing I can do to exact changes as the paper had been printed.
This was followed by an apology and when I was asked: "How to you tell it to the bosses?", I simply told her to dump everything in me. 
I accept the blame as I am solely responsible.
And if that was not enough, my boss called up. Breach of protocol, he said. 
I owned up to the mistake and was given a lecture. 
It wasn't so bad getting it from our side, but those ruthless and heartless people on the fifth floor would think otherwise.
Anyway, its not going to ruin the rest of the week that I have left, so fuck them! 
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