Thursday, January 20, 2011

Forty-something and still going..

Birthdays are just like any other days.
For years, I dread it because it sucked so bad.
Tomorrow will be another milestone in my life. I am a year older.
I guess being a person who has it all, it would be hard to receive gifts and such.
As a matter of fact, gifts from the family and friends has never existed.
Through time, I have worked very hard to reward myself.
To me, my personal belongings are sacred.
Speaking of gifts, well material things aside, I am blessed with a wonderful wife and family.
We've been married for six years and going without fighting.
I also have to lovely dogs that are the reason for me to go home after a long day at work.
Apart from that, there are the folding bikes, cameras, gadgets and knives. All intact.
Career wise, I couldn't have been happier at the present work place. The people are nice, I am appreciated for my contribution.
This was a far cry from my days in an establishment newspaper where I had to put up with racism, double-standards and discrimination.
The least I can say is that I am in a true professional set-up.
With cycling in the picture, I made more friends. This is another positive aspect.
All that said and done, I couldn't ask for more but for God to keep on showering his blessings.
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