Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The best of Rodalink stores

Rodalink's new outlet in Tmn Botanic, Klang

I've been a Rodalink bicycle store customer for two years.
Bought two Dahon folding bikes from them and although their prices may be higher than the usual dealer, they have a good team of mechanics who doubles up as customer service agents.
Having said that, I've never had any issues dealing with them as some of the guys are really friendly.
I guess I'll have to eat my words when I went to one of their older branches in Jalan Bangsar today.
There, the Dash P18 mini road bike was previewed and since it was lunch hour, the store was quite busy.
I saw a whole new range of Biologic accessories on sale and asked about the new Biologic Arx grip.
So, I asked Jimmy, one of the familiar guys there what was the difference between the 100mm and 130mm grips.
Just as he was about to answer, this bald bony ass faggot with tattoos on his legs shouted an order: "Hey Jimmy! Go help the customer.."
I think the guy is from Le Run Industries HQ in Puchong and from his looks, I don't think he gave a fuck about other customers in the store.
There was a family there who bought a road bike. They were with their son. Obviously, this was the big fish in the ponds.
Minnows like me, well, are not worth a second look.
I don't know what got into that skinhead faggot's mind, he might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or got fisted in the ass by a bunch of angry mountain bikers. Fuck him!
My point is simple: If you front retards like these in a service environment, your store is going to get a bad name. Period.
That said, the saving grace is the fact that Rodalink has a few good staff holding fort.
I would rate the store in Sri Hartamas, Putrajaya and Klang as the tops.
Bangsar, well sorry Jimmy, that skinhead faggot just fucked it up for you. Maybe he's your boss, but his attitude sucks. Big time.
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