Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dogs 101

One of the toughest breeds in the world - Siberian Huskies

Dogs 101 came on the air at 9pm last night and featured a few breeds - namely: the Dalmatian, Pommeranian and Siberian Husky.
The Huskies were shown in the last segment of the documentary and we were glad to know that our dogs are among the toughest breed on the planet.
One of the stories told was about 'Moon', a Sibe belonging to an old time in Nevada, US, which went wandering for a week.
The female sibe had to plough through 80miles of the rugged Nevada terrain before it was found wandering in town by a good samaritan.
Sibes are said to have a special metabolism rate which enables it to haul for hours under the torturous arctic weather.
Our kids here are spared from snow and ice and could take the heat. One of the veterinary specialists who was quoted in the documentary said she wouldn't recommend Huskies for tropical and sub-tropic weather, but our dogs have proven otherwise..
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