Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hulu Langat Training Ride Series 4

Michelle, Me and Jackie at the junction (km10)

The mighty Uncle Meng and his recumbent machine

Michelle making it to the junction

Michelle and I took on the Hulu Langat training course for the third time and for this year, its a curtain-opener for more planned rides around the country.
I must admit that the hill-climbing sessions on slopes of various degrees along this 40km round-trip course has given me the 'turbo boost' during the Putrajaya night ride on Friday.
Believe it or not, when I made my way past the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, I actually smoked some GT foldies including the RallyArt racing folder.
That was an achievement as I powered away and took on the slopes around Putrajaya with ease.
In short, the 20km single-journey ride to the Hulu Langat Dam is working its course.
I found that the first 8km was just a warm-up session and as veteran rider Bil Choy would put it: "Ah, you get ready for the 10km climb towards Kuala Kelawang.. You can do it!".
Choy's inspiring words would be the catalyst for more rides especially on tough terrain in Peninsular Malaysia.
Today, I also had the privilege to meet Uncle Meng, a seasoned tourer who had completed a ride to Tibet.
He came with his RM15K recumbent bicycle which was a sheer spectacle.
Two other riders also joined in and one of them had a classic Dahon Boardwalk.
She rode all the way and was supported by her husband who drove to the starting point.
After we reached the dam area, we headed back to the Kuala Kelawang - Bt 14 junction and there, I saw a guy with a Dahon Jetstream EX.
That was a really solid bike and we also met up with his group at our usual coffee shop hangout.
Sadly, the guy and the rest of gang were quite stuck-up. So fuck him!
Anyway, I for one, am looking forward to another training ride session next Sunday!
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