Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They're here!!!!

The mini road bike

I was poking my nose around - looking for some answers to my wife's Dahon Curve D3's chain problem.
Seems that its slipping off as there is a slack on the chain.
Since its a single drive-train using an internal gear hub, the cost to replace a set of chain is not prohibitive.
So, I went to Roda Link bicycle shop in Desa Sri Hartamas since its the nearest to my office.
And while asking around, I saw the Dahon Dash X20 being assembled.
I was told that two bikes made it to Malaysia and one has been sold.
This bike has a price tag of RM6.25K and someone had grabbed it earlier.
Performance wise, I think this bike would smoke some roadies. It has some high-end components but what I find really ugly - is the body.
Then, I rang up my contact in Le Run industries and was told that since they don't have enough storage space, they decided to ship out their stock which went on sale a few days ago.
Yep, the Dahons are moving fast due to a higher level of awareness.
We'll get to see some high-end bikes over the weekend at the Dahon Folding Bike club gathering series 2.
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