Monday, October 3, 2011

Warming-up for the city ride

The 21km loop around Desa Park City
The OCBC Cycle Malaysia ride is only a weekend away.
Right now, I've sorted out nearly 50% of what's needed to get our Starmetro cycling team on the road. 
What's majorly disappointing was people who claimed to be friends.
Once the sponsorship request letters were out, they went 'poof!'
So, last weekend, I made prior arrangements with my buddy Billy to cycle around Desa Park City near Kepong.
The deal was to ride a loop for 21km.
Seems easy, but can be tiring because its like going in circles.
Once I got there, I met OCBC's Kok Leong and his big boss Jeff. 
They must have been doing it almost every week in anticipation of the main event.
This was also an opportunity for me to warm-up my Dahon Curve SL.
Its been neglected since the Jetstream EX came into the picture.
The Curve SL was perfect for the job
While setting up the bike, I managed to catch a glimpse of the OCBC team.
At least 30% of them were foldies.
There was a familiar face with a Raleigh i8 folding bike and the rest were Dahons.
The average distance on the loop was 2.1km, so, we rode alongside some roadies.
To achieve 21km, we have to cycle 10 loops.
After the fifth round, I picked up speed and rode past some of the foldies. 
Some road cyclists were not too far in the distance.
On the final lap, they rode past me and went straight to the Max Value supermarket's parking lot.
After finishing my loop, I waited for Billy. 
For him, its an achievement to ride 21km non-stop.
The OCBC ride has an equal distance, but the only hurdle is the climb towards Jalan Duta and Kenny Hills...
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