Friday, March 30, 2012

What's up Ed?

A follow-up visit..
I gave Ed Foo a tinkle today. 
Told him that I would swing by his store at Subang Avenue. 
He's been running Atmosphere Outfitters for nearly half a year and is the authorized distributor for Ortlieb packs in Malaysia.

Ed and his new ride: A Dahon Mu P8
Now, a foldie!
I haven't seen the guy for months and when I walked into his store, there was a white coloured Dahon folding bike
It was fitted with a white Ortlieb backtroller and hidden in plain sight, was a Tubus bike rack, which I believe - the first in Malaysia mounted on a folding bike.
We exchanged some notes and caught up in conversation on what's going on in the folding bike scene.
He said the Mu P8 was purchased from Godzilla cycles in Kota Damansara.
The same guy who sold me my Dahon Speed P8 had cut a deal with Ed.

The gorgeous Ortlieb backroller classic

Coming to an event near you: Ed's ride
Some cool new stuff!
There's a shipment of the latest Ortlieb gear at the store. More on they way as they touch down at KLIA this weekend.
One particular pack: the COR13 caught my attention.
I was told that some knife expert bought two of them as his bugout bag - fearing that the world will come to an end in eight month's time... Well, good luck fellah! 
The COR13 is small and pretty nippy. But the price, well, can sink a man's heart!
Other than the waterproof pack, there are some Ortlieb Snap camera pouches. I swear by these when I packed my Canon Powershot G12 for my outings. 

The Ortlieb COR13 on the left
It's a dog eat dog world.. 
During our conversation, Ed told me that he nearly got screwed by a premium folding bike store in Damansara Perdana over some pannier deal.
Its a hard way to learn about the business as there some really nasty retailers out there.
He told me that Atmosphere outfitter's website is going live as soon as the final touches are added.
For the job, he engaged a freelance web designer to get the on-line store going.
That said, I think Ed's gonna be around with more Ortlieb goodies in the offing.. 
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