Monday, June 4, 2012

Building a radio mount for my Touring Speed P8

Ye olde faithful
I've been using my ICOM V-85 VHF radio for years without any complain.
This battery-powered 7Watt workhorse provided extra security on the road and we've been using it with success.
I've been toying with the idea of mounting the V-85 on my 2009 Dahon Speed P8 for a while.
There are no radio mounts in the market that suits the bill...

Compact and reliable: The ICOM V-85
 A find!
I checked out RAM equipment's website recently.
They seemed to have something which is compatible to suit my needs.
The RAM Adjustable Universal Finger Grip Holder came highly recommended.
Pair this with a RAM EZ ON/OFF swivel base adapter, we are in business!

The radio mount

How it looks like with a Motorola Two-Way radio

The base adapter with swivel head
I think it'll work
The beauty of having a folding bike is this: the handlebar stem area has lots of real estate for you to mount anything.
Having given much thought on this, I think the ICOM V-85 can be easily mounted onto the Dahon Speed P8's handlebar stem.

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