Thursday, June 14, 2012

Confessions of a titaniac

There's no turning back..
I purchased my first set of titanium utensil by Snowpeak from Tripleaught Design back in 2003 and there has never been a dull day with these implements.
Back in the days, a titanium Spork (combination of spoon and fork) was sold at USD$8.95 a piece.
I also bought a Snowpeak 450 double-walled titanium mug and a 750 trek solo titanium cookset.
It was a heavy start-up investment, but titanium is built to last.

The titanium spork

This little bugger has traveled far and wide..
 The utensils and cookset are compact enough to be hauled in daypack and all I need: is a stove to complement it.
So, the Optimus Svea 123 that I have been using for years had served me well with the 750 cookset.
That said, the Snowpeak titanium gear will see a lot of Cyclocamping trips..
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