Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Southwest to Tg Sepat - Part 1

Search for the Southwest passage
There is a route from USJ26 to Tg Sepat bypassing the KESAS Highway and Kota Kemuning.
I found it by referring to Google Maps and confirmed the existence of this trail via Google Earth.
By using this, I save at least 15km on the road to reach Jalan Sukepi which connects to Jenjarom. 
So, having studied the route, I began to make preparations to do an overnight trip to Tg Sepat. 
We cycled there many times, but have never stayed in the village.
Accommodation facilities are really limited in the area and the first place that came to mind was the Gano Farm Homestay.
Sadly, due to the School holidays and the weekend, no rooms were available.
Lucky for me, I was referred to another Homestay in town.
So, I called Mr Tong, the owner and was offered a large room for RM90 a night.
With that taken care of, its just matter of getting the bikes tuned and our body in shape for the ride.

The planned route

The passage to Jln Sukepi
 Into the unknown..
Okay, we knew part of the route, we got the bikes, we've got the gear.
That said, Michelle and I had set out for the adventure.
We rode from USJ26 after feeding the dogs and made our way to Kg Perahu in Puchong.
Now, little did we know that part of this village is connected to Bukit Lanchong.
So, we rode about five kilometres off-course and found ourselves across the wrong side of the Klang river.
The plan is to head to Kg Lombong and find the link to Jenjarom..

Crossing the Klang River
The road to Kg Lombong
 We had to backtrack to Kg Perahu and made our way to the bridge near the LDP toll booth.
This time round, we found the right track and cycled along the Klang river.
From this point, there are seven villages dotted in the area.
We need to make our way towards a tunnel underneath the Elite Highway.

The most embarrassing thing is to get lost twice. 
Yes, I had a GPS on my cockpit. 
Instead, I took a straight path without realising that the actual route was a sharp left-turn after we came out from the underpass on the ELITE Highway.
So, that said, we cycled all the way to the fringe of Kota Kemuning. 
At this point, my hunch was telling me that we were way off-course. This time, another 3km and we have strayed into the Section 31 area in Shah Alam.

The offroad section near Kg Seri Aman in Puchong

Heading towards Kg Lombong from the edge of Kota Damansara
 While making our way back to the correct path, I met a cow herder. 
He told me to take a left turn after passing two water gates along the path.
The kind man said that we should be heading on the right direction after seeing a Surau along the way.
I turned on the navigation page on the Garmin EDGE800 GPS which pointed the way to Kg Lombong as the journey continues..

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