Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hope for the Pancake

A third opinion..
 The cleaners broke my fucking brake lever. 
They got away with it, I have to pay.
Now, the decision weighed: Pay RM570 for a brand new (well, last year's model) Shimano XT M755 brake set.
I saw these at Rodalink in Bandar Botanic and was pretty impressed with the fit and finish.
Yesterday evening, I received a phonecall from Danny Teo, my contact with Schwalbe and Le Run Industries.
He told me to ring up Chris Khoo from Hero2Zero Asia to follow-up on the Ashima PCB brake lever.
I did just that and was really surprised with the response. 
He told me to bring the bike over for a look and said that they have just taken over from an Australian dude to deal with Ashima and Rholoff.

Klaus the tech dude and Chris at the workshop
Respectable professionalism
So, I took my wounded Jet to the new workshop in Lorong Batai off Jalan Damansara.
Apparently, these are the same dudes who offer training for Mountain Bikers who were featured in
I told Chris the problem with my Ashima PCB and showed him the broken lever.
Now, the turnaround time for the service is five working days.
As for cost, I am not sure how much I have to pay for the replacement parts.
Hopefully, I won't have to fork out a thousand bucks for doing so..

Zero2Hero's workshop

The bikes queued for service
 Later, I chatted with Chris who had just started work with the company for three months.
He told me that once he could address the matter, he would get back to me to quote the cost of replacing the damaged brake lever.
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