Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Jet's fully set to go!

A quick turnaround..
Chris Khoo from Zero2Hero Asia rang me up.
The broken piston on my bike was fixed.
Then, his boss Darcy sent me an email.
My eyes literally flew out of my skull's socket when I saw the pricing.
Its one-third the cost of a Shimano XT brakeset.
I voiced out my concerns to Chris who later referred to his boss.
Then, I received a follow-up email from the owner of Zero2Hero.
He said Ashima will honour the part replacement and all I need to do, is to pay labour charge.
That's half the amount and a relief to my pocket.

Something about Herbert..
Okay, this is another thing. 
I met one of Z2H's tech dude Herbert some years back.
He's a decent dude and is also one of the most polite tech at Pedalspot bike shop in SS2. 
Thinking that he did pretty well, I was surprised to meet him at Z2H's boutique workshop. 
As a matter of fact, he's the guy who worked on my Ashima brakeset.
Herbert's in some jam with his employer at Pedalspot and I offered some advise as to how to face the issue. 
As for the brakes, he did a decent job.

Tools readily available: A bleed kit, PCB spanner and tool
 A bleak legacy and a daunting task..
The last guy who was in charge of Ashima brakes in Malaysia did a crappy job. 
After a period of neglect, Z2H has an uphill task to restore the trust and confidence among the Ashima users here.
So far, I was the third customer who sent in their bike for service at Z2H.
Since the guys did a decent job with the brakes, I guess there is no need to get the brakeset replaced.
Herbert said the 'swell' and pressure build-up in the rear brake was caused by a faulty piston.
Now that the front brake's piston also broke, both the parts were replaced.
Apart from that, I also bought a set of Ashima PCB Bleed Kit and a set of tools to go with it. So, that said, if I have any issues with the PCBs again, the guys to lookout for are at Z2H.

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