Monday, June 4, 2012

Eddie's new ride!

An offer he can't refuse..
I linked up my buddy Eddie with the point man from K2 Asia.
His intention was to outfit himself with a folding bike and the obvious choices were the Pacific Cycles Birdy, Dahon and Tern.
Having seen the Birdy Disk and a very bad impression of the people who sells them here, Eddie had decided to commit on a Tern.
His pick was the Tern Link P24h.

The man has chosen: with a Tern stowbag
 A slightly different fitting
To get things going, the bike was fitted with a rear traveler's rack and a Kanga front rack.
The Kanga came highly recommended as a versatile 'do-it-all' accessory to transport the goods.
While the rear traveler's rack could be used to fit a pair of panniers.

Enter: Cyclofishing
Now, the Link P24h could be used as a spotter's bike for snakehead hunting in the canals along our peat swamps and paddy fields. 
So, having said that, Eddie will experience Cyclofishing in no other way and I think the 24-speed bike would be an awesome offroad transportation tool!

Eddie and his ride
 The Link P24h, Kanga rack, rear traveller's rack and a Tern stowbag was an awesome deal. Even I don't get the kind of VVIP treatment Eddie did from the K2 Asia people. Hahahahahah!!!

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