Friday, June 1, 2012

Etowah Edge Super Cruiser

It's good to see a plan work!
I've been in constant communication with US knifemaker James D Sanders over a large camp knife project since 2010.
His work is truly outstanding and in the jungles of Malaysia, there are plenty of practical applications for his design.
My first knife from James was a Cruiser M-1 which was customized for me.
I lug this beefy cutting tool for my walks in the jungle and its seen some really heavy action.

Size does matter.. 
I saw the need for a larger blade, 7" in length for cutting and light chopping.
So, having seen some good working examples, I began to correspond with James and worked on a 'Super Cruiser'.
It takes plenty of patience to work on custom orders and in my case, the longest I've waited for a knife to be commissioned was three years. 
Despite his busy schedule, James kept in touch with me via email.
We corresponded on the blade material and design.
I trust him completely on the workmanship and I must say that after a long wait, things had turned out really fine.

The Cruiser M-1 and Super Cruiser
The primary function of the larger blade is cutting.
Secondary usage would be for self defence.
I am very impressed with the overall fit, finish and quality of the blade and I must say that with a quarter-inch thick spine, this knife is certainly built to last..

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