Saturday, June 30, 2012

Batang Kali Bikepacking Ride - Part 2

Calm after the storm..
The rain stopped and timing was just perfect to ride out.
Rather than climbing, the journey out to Hulu Yam Baru was a smooth roll.
We took the route to Hulu Yam Lama and had  a brief tour of the village.
I also wanted to show the guys the Lam Mee stall in this particular part of the world.
The ride was really smooth and I guess that most of the bikepackers had enjoyed the village setting.
We reached Hulu Yam Lama and the guys feasted on the Lam Mee.
After a fill, we proceeded to the Batang Kali station via the KL-Ipoh trunk road. 
There was a short climb on a flyover towards Batang Kali town as we slowly made our way back to the train station..

Having lunch..
The Sendat falls

Riding out
A plan..
The ride to Sendat falls and back to Batang Kali train station was a short distance affair.
My concern was not to strain the cyclists too much.
That is because there is a return trip to KL Sentral on the train.
If the guys fall asleep, a million things can go wrong.
When you go bikepacking, you need to take care of your personal belongings as well as your bike..
We completed the ride at about 3.30pm.
Most of us bought a return ticket to Sentral.
My plan was to jump on the LRT and head to the Taman Jaya station.
Toh, who offered the car pool had parked at this LRT station.
We boarded the Komuter without a hitch and took on a smooth ride back to Sentral...

At the KL-Ipoh trunk road

The Batang Kali station
One for the album: The bikepackers at Batang Kali
We parted ways when the train arrived at KL Sentral.
Toh later gave me a lift home.
On the whole, the bikepacking trip was a success.
With Batang Kali as a good start, we might extend the trip to Ipoh soon!
As for the day-long affair, we've had good company and an easy ride...

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