Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grand Canyon

Its been a week since we left KL for the US.
We missed the kids and are in the last leg of our tour of the Southwest and the Grand Canyon was awesome.
I had no idea this place was near to Pheonix, Arizona.
Anyways, the drive from Las Vegas to Tusayan, one of the small towns outside the Grand Canyon was rather tiring.
Not only that, on the way in, we've got pulled over by a trooper for driving into the white lines.
That was never an issue back in KL, but here in the US, it can be a serious thing.
Michelle was issued a warning and the second time we got pulled over by the officer, well, we were told to drive faster.
At this point, something funny had happened.
I told the officer that his fly was open.
Jokes aside, we spent the first night in Tusayan with a good steak dinner at the Yippee-ai-eo restaurant.
On our second day, we went to the Grand Canyon and did some light hike on the rim trail.
There's lots to see and that said, we spent the entire day in the location.
Today, we went to the Cedar Ridge hike, something that Michelle had planned.
We spent four hours on the hike and later proceeded to the Desert View and the Tusayan museum.
Our day ended with the screening of 'Grand Canyon's hidden secrets' at the IMAX theatre in the National Geographic's visitor centre.
Tomorrow, its gonna be a long drive back to Las Vegas where we will spend two more days there..

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