Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some new four-thirds..

Pretty retarded: the Olympus Pen EP-1

Panasonic's challenge: the GF-1 four-third system camera

The advancements in digital photography hardware amazes me.Its the pace where new toys are being churned out every quarter that raises my
eyebrows.Recently, Panasonic announced their latest four-third camera with interchangeable
lenses - the GF-1.No price point was given and my conservative estimate for this is around RM3.9K
or more.Here in Malaysia, the electronics manufacturer announced the GF-1 during a
media launch.None of their products are readily available at retail stores and word had it that the
first batch of these cameras are sold out before they hit the shelves!Talk about economic downturn, photography enthusiasts sure have some spending
power.My first Panasonic Camera was the Lumix L-1. It was compact camera which I
had loaned to one of our cameraman when I was posted to Johor. He lost the battery charger and assumed ownership of it after I made it clear that
he was completely unreliable when it comes to handling other people's stuff.And I don't have a really good first impression of the camera. Its user-interface
sucks.I can't say much about the GF-1 which has come a long way. Its closest rival is
the Olympus Pen EP-1.Which in my opinion, is a retarded camera. I handled this one and was not
impressed with its layout and styling at all.Worse still, its price point is higher than an entry-level Digital SLR camera.I can only wish Olympus the best because I don't think this camera has what it
takes to sell.As for the GF-1, one of its unique selling point is the Leica lenses. This is
something that I would watch closely in the months to come...

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