Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sin City

There's really no fun in long-haul excursions especially when you have to travel to another continent with a different time zone.
Yeah, we spent more than 18 hours on flights and transfers and finally, on Sept 2, we've arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Its been nearly 10 years since I last set foot in US soil and I must say that some things have changed.
Now, the Border Security would take finger prints and snap a mugshot when you arrive at LAX and when we boarded a flight to Vegas, we have to take off our shoes, get the laptops scanned and a jimbang of things.
And the waiting part can be frustrating. I'm glad that Michelle had planned it so well. Everything was seamless from the moment we boarded in KLIA right to the LAX tranfer to LVA.
There's so much to do in Vegas and so little time, so, we are going to make the best out of it..

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