Thursday, September 24, 2009


Toyota makes good cars.
My family had owned a few through the years and with the lingering recession and inflation, I can never afford a car by this manufacturer.
Through time, Toyota became the top car producer in the region including Malaysia.And with any successful Asian companies that are right there on the top, the people who contributed to this phenomenon also ride on its achievements.
Hence, the bragging rights that yields some really ugly traits such as attitude and arrogance.
With the economic climate, Toyota managed to ride it through and remained as the country's top car dealership.
I recently took a trip to one of their showrooms and made some enquiry about their 2010 model Camry.
While I was there, I stood there like a fool about 15-minutes.
A salesman walked up to me and asked if I need any assistance. I said: "How much is the new Camry?"
His response was: "Oh, sorry, we are fully booked. There are no more cars left.."
Without saying a word, I just turned around and walked out of the showroom.
I guess this also implies that the salesman was not interested in taking questions.
And for a car that is worth roughly about RM60K, we are paying way over our heads just to ride the hype.

That said, if the retarded salesman is out on the street wondering why, I won't feel sympathetic for him. You get what you give.

My conclusion on this is that most salesman are retarded and the only thing that motivates them are commission and perks.

When reality sets, its not easy to take money out of the hands of a wise consumer.

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