Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The long haul..

The day is coming to an end as I am speaking.
Earlier, I went around doing my personal chores like banking and getting treats for the kids.
High on my priority list -- are souvenirs and foodstuff that I have to lug across the pond.
One of the suspects asked if I can get her some local coins.
I took the task one step further by getting collectibles.
Apart from that, I bought some pewter keychains and a couple of ornaments for the guys when I meet them in Vegas.
Tomorrow, we have to check-in at the KLIA at 7am and board the flight to Los Angeles at 09:40am.
It will take more than 18 hours to get across the pacific to reach the US West Coast.
I felt heavy hearted to leave the kidz behind for two weeks.
My hope is that they can hold on till we come back.
It took us more than a year to pull this off and hopefully, we'll have a good break..

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