Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bangsar District Scouting Centenary Camporee Part 1

Last-minute preparation by a Tsun-Jin Rover at VI on Friday night

Kids practising for their Scout's Cultural night

I made a bee-line towards Victoria Instutition on Friday night to meet up with the organisers of the Bangsar District Centenary Camporee.
Met Assistant District Commissioner Chai Jiun Har who is also my wood badge trainer and saw a bunch of kids practising for their cultural night on Saturday.
My co-trainer Bob Lew told me about some potential danger lurking at the school's campsite.
This is apparent with the 2nd KL boys especially the Senior Scout who are kicking so much shit about their sovereignity and tradition.
Bob and I are training some kids from Form 2 and 3 for their merit badges.
Tales of bullying, intimidation and isolation became even more apparent when I saw a few of the Form 4 boys at the school.
Seems that the best course of action is to completely discard the older boys as they are beyond redemption.
Coming back to the camporee, I also met up with Bangsar District Commissioner Kenneth Soh who is the man behind the event.
Soh and Chai were instrumental in setting up the pace for the scouting event and attendance was also encouraging.
There were about 200 Boy Scouts and Senior scouts who took part in the three-day, two-night camping activity.

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