Thursday, December 23, 2010

The big bite valve cover

Camelbak's big bit valve cover
I spent two agonising months in search of a Camelbak big bite valve cover for my Octane 24 hydration pack.
Went to nearly every bicycle shop in town including some outfitters in Singapore and came up empty-handed.
Then, something really unexpected happened.
I made a pit-stop at a bicycle shop in Putra Heights.
Noticed that they have a range of Camelbak stuff on sale and tried my luck by asking the counter person about the bite valve cover.
"Ah, yes, we have.. Like this one ah?," said the shop owner.
I was utterly speechless.
The discovery made my day. I grabbed the opportunity to snatch the valve cover as it was a vital component in my hydration pack.
Now, my quest is complete and I can rest easy till something else crops up.

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