Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ipoh ride

Mrs Samo riding along the Kinta river

At the Garden Villa during the launch of Ipoh's lost heritage exhibition
I've successfully completed the Ipoh ride on Nov 27 after a careful reconnaissance trip made earlier in the week.
There were some additional riders who joined us in Ipoh and two of them, local boys, had taken lead around Bandar Bijeh Timah.
One suggested that we go against traffic which I objected as the ride leader.
We started from the Ipoh Central train station towards the old town and had breakfast after linking up with three other riders.
From there, the folding bike adventurers proceeded towards Ipoh's new town and a visit to the lost heritage exhibition launch at Garden Villa, some 15-minutes away from the train station.
We concluded the ride after lunch and took the 2pm ETS train back to KL.

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