Sunday, December 12, 2010

Speed P8 gets a tune-up

Rodalink mechanics attending to the bike..

It's been more that a year since I purchased my Dahon Speed P8 and its never been serviced since it left the bicycle shop where I bought it.
I've been troubled by some squeaky noise coming from the bike's handlebar and thought the bearing cone may be damaged.
So, after much deliberation, I took the bike to Rodalink's branch in Bandar Botanic in Klang to have it serviced.
The mechanics at this outlet took more than two hours to fine-tune the problem.
Handling was much better when I rode it in Putrajaya today, but there were still some noise coming out of the front section of the bike.
They also fixed my front touring rack, but the right hand side came out after I found out that the screw that attaches it to a mount was not long enough.

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