Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dahon front touring rack

Dahon's original front touring rack
I nearly returned a Dahon front rack which I purchased some months back.
Reason being was it couldn't fit onto my bike.
So, after giving it much thought, I had the Rodalink mechanics to fix it. Initially, I was very happy with the fact that the rack could fit nicely on my bike.
But when I rode it in Putrajaya two weeks ago, the right side mounting just popped out.
Later, I discovered that the nut used was a few milimetres short.
The solution, a longer nut.
So, I went back to Rodalink and asked for a longer nut.
After getting what I wanted, I went home to fiddle with the new nuts and wallah! It fits!
No more issues with the rack fitting.

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