Thursday, August 16, 2012

Four weeks and counting

Penang round-island redux
Its official! 
We are on the rider's list.
Thanks to my buddy Eddie Chua who went to Penang to register our team, we know have a place at the CFAL4 round island ride.
I thought it was a goner as the event now stands at 3,500 participants.
This is by far, one of the most successful social cycling event of the year.
I hope the weather won't screw-up things like last year..

A screen-capture of the participant's list
Now that we are good to go, there's not much time left to train. 
I am happy to report that we have done pretty okay by doing at least half a-dozen rides at Hulu Langat.
We will maintain this until the last weekend before the ride.. 

Last week's session at Hulu Langat

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