Monday, August 6, 2012

Ko Samui - Part 4

Scaled-down ride
It's our last day in Ko Samui, so, we've decided to take things a little bit easy.
The plan was to ride out for a shopping trip to Tesco Lotus on the outskirts of Chaweng.
This, I recalled, was a short distance ride and since we had cycled for more than 100km, the plan was to do it easy before we pack up our bikes.

An oversight
I made two major mistakes on this trip.
First, was that I had underestimated the weight of the bikes. We paid for the excess baggage.
Second thing was that I had booked the hotel only for three nights instead of four.
This, was sorted out after a visit to the reception counter. I paid for one more night in Ko Samui. 
Lucky for us, they still have the room. 
At the same time, I booked for our ride back to the airport. It costs 350baht (RM34.50) for two passengers.

Chiangmai curry noodles breakfast

Locking up the bikes at Tesco Lotus in Chaweng

We found this signboard amusing.. 
The greater Chaweng
I scouted for some Thai instant gravy for cooking. 
Nothing great at Tesco Lotus. As a matter of fact, its pricier than what I found at Saver-Mart in Chaweng street. 
I was looking for the Mae Pranom brand gravy for the Masaman Curry. These are sold at 13baht (RM1.28) a packet.
Later, we rode down to a shop selling Chiangmai styled Curry noodles. 
The fare was excellent and our late breakfast came up up 110baht.
Following that, we rode out to Ban Luck Fun which is situated at the Chaweng lake. 
This is a slightly bumpier route because its laterite road.
From there, we rode towards the First Bungalow at the edge of Chaweng beach and called it a day..

Ban Luck Fun

Fishermen's boat near First Bungalow

The awesome curry noodles

At the end of Chaweng beach
It's a wrap!
We did a 10km loop around Chaweng and saw some really interesting part of the beach area.
The best place to chill out was at a fisherman's wharf near First Bungalow.
Later, I dropped by at a restaurant near our hotel for a taste of Masaman Curry. It was interesting enough to convince me to get some instant gravy.
We packed our bikes after the ride and took a break before heading out for dinner.
That same night, we tried a grill and barbeque house in Chaweng.
But before that, we walked towards the edge of the beach near a cove.
There, we found an Adidas outlet and bought two sets of dry-fit Tee-shirts at discounted prices.
This was a good deal and we were very happy with the find.
After doing a little bit of shopping, we walked up to a restaurant and had our dinner there.
They had roast pig and other grill stuff.
I found this to be a con-job especially when it comes to 'eat all you can'. 
Customers are not allowed to share, but it was not made clear.
We had a round of beer, then sat through three sets of the main course and left the place. 
Dinner came up to 2,100baht (RM207). Right at this point, I have blown nearly three-quarters of my expenses.
Despite the crappy service and attitude, the holiday was worth my time.

Packing up the Dahon Speed TR in the Airporter
Masaman curry meal with steamed rice

Our dinner and last night in Ko Samui

Ordinary fare: the grilled set
 Homeward bound
After four nights in Ko Samui, its time to head back to Subang.
We felt a great sense of accomplishment having ridden round-island and tackling some scenic places on our two little wheels.
On the whole, the adventure was worth all the planning. There were some glitches, but that was easily sorted out. We didn't end up chewing each other's heads off as we worked very well as a bikepacking couple.
Michelle took care of the logistics like air travel while I settled mainly the accommodation and food.
We checked-in at the Ko Samui international airport and waited to board the Firefly flight back.
In just two hours, we touched down in Subang airport and our holiday was over. The next day, we drove up to Kampar in Perak for an offroad ride with our bikepacking kakis...

One for the road!

Checking-in at the departure area

Back in Subang and looking forward to the next adventure...

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