Friday, August 17, 2012

Some titanium goodness..

A small reward
I've been busting my chops for half a year.
The only motivation that kept me going, is a little pat on the shoulder and a new toy to remind me of all the hard work.
Having scouted around a bit, I concluded that the best gift I could ever afford: is a Casio Protrek PRG-550t.
I've had a series of Casio triple-sensor watches and have been keeping close watch on the PRG-550, which is one of Casio's Protrek series flagship watches.
For starters, its inexpensive and also unpretentious.
My earlier intention was to get a 'toxic green" PRG-550.
This was overpriced and the only place that sold it was the KLCC Suria Casio concept shop in Isetan Departmental store.
But what prevented me to pursue this was the fact that the sales assistants at this store really sucked.

My protreks: the PRG150, PRG550t and PRG250
 Everybody loves Pertama Complex
There is a shop in Pertama Complex in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman that sells watches at 'cheaper than dirt' prices.
You can get original wristwatches at 30% lower than what most retailers can offer.
Their prices are unbeatable.
And to top it all, Pertama Complex has the reputation of being the 'Mos Eisley' of the city centre.
You have to be extra careful when it comes to dealing with the traders.
As for the Casio watch, the shop that sells it is located on the first floor. 
Its in the middle-row just next to a shop selling photographic equipment.
This should not be mistaken by a retailer facing the escalator.
The PRG550t was offered at a price which I cannot refuse.
So, I took the dive.
Its also my second titanium bracelet watch.

A titaniac's dream: The PRG550t and my Dog Paw CRK Sebenza
I love everything that Casio had thrown into the PRG-550t.
Its titanium bracelet is one of the most comfortable and lightest around.
As far as functionality is concerned, its feature-packed.
Rather than giving my money to some stupid-assed sales guy in KLCC, I'd say that the hard earned Ringgit and Sen was well-spent on this awesome multi-sensor watch.

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