Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The shape of things to come..

Some excitement in the air..
One of the largest consumer trade show in the world for the bicycling industry is taking place in Germany at the end of this month.
Its Eurobike 2012 and some very important announcements will be made at this exhibition.
Buyers, dealers, retailers and manufacturers will convene at the showcase of 'what's new' and 'what's in' during the four-day event.

Debuting this year is Tern's Swoop.
This addition to the manufacturer's line up is a low-platform bike which is appealing to ladies.
Two versions are available: the two-speed Swoop Duo and D7i.
The Swoop D7i carries a pricetag of between 900 - 1,000 Euros (RM3,83k).

The new Tern Swoop
 Other than that, there are some really new and exciting accessories from Tern and there is another biggie from Biologic as well at the show. Till its showtime at Eurobike at the end of this month, stay tuned!

Its no surprise on why Biologic remained at the forefront in producing some of the most interesting bike gadgets for the urban commuter.
And it just gets better with the Biologic seat post pump version 2.0.
I know for a fact that a sample had already arrived on our shores and I hope it gets a good review.

The new seat post pump
Things are a 'little bit quiet' as the company celebrates three decades in manufacturing folding bikes.
An announcement was made to produce a limited quantity of the Da-Bike replicas and that's really exciting.
Some existing bike models from Dahon too will undergo a 'spruce-up'.

Jetstream P8
This is one of my favourite bike and for 2013, disk brakes are added to the front and rear wheels.
Even the colour scheme will change from gun metal to a funky 'euro-styled' appearance.
For the urban commuter, fenders are now standard-fitting on this bike.

The new Jetstream P8
 Dash P18
This is the best-selling bike in the Klang Valley.
WIth more and more beginners jumping into the Dash bandwagon, next year's model will be upgraded with a set of disk brakes. 

Better than ever: the Dash P18
Good bye Eco-7..
The Dahon Eco-7 will be replace by a new model.
Its called 'Vybe' and more will be announced at the show later this month..

The Eco-7 replacement

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