Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Total Eclipse!

The bike we've been waiting for has finally arrived!
I am a huge fan of Tern Bicycle's Eclipse-series folding bikes.
Having evaluated the Eclipses S11i sometime back, I am confident that Tern would be able to make a splash on the 24" folding bike scene.
The Eclipse S11i was last year's winner at the 2011 Eurobike awards for design.

This one's fast and furious!
Mobility Holding's honcho Joshua Hon (Tern Bicycles & Biologic accessories) made mention of the probability of producing an 'X-variant' of the Eclipse-series bike during an informal discussion I made with him through email.
I'd guessed that team Tern has been hard at work to develop a race-ready 24" bike and came up with the Eclipse X20.

Big Bike, Small Fold: the new Eclipse X-20
 Lots of cool stuff are thrown-in on this bike and with a weight of 10kgs, its a good start.
I can look forward to the SRAM Force groupset on this bike and the 20-speed transmission is enough to take on any terrain and road conditions.
Now, this is a tough choice between getting the Tern Eclipse P9 which I intend to pursue on my 24" project next year. 

The 2012 Eurobike award winner for best design
Worth the wait
Congratulations to Josh & team Tern for coming out with the Eclipse X-20 and we in Malaysia can surely look forward to taking a closer look at this awesome bike next year!

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