Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012: The Year in Review - Part 1

January: A smooth start..

We didn't end the year 2011 with a ride in Putrajaya.
Instead, it was a family-affair with our home guests at Michelle's parent's place.
Then, we took a trip up to Penang to celebrate Michelle's God-Daughter's birthday.

Artistic blur shot taken at the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang

The long solo-ride

I celebrated my 43rd birthday which is a normal affair with my beloved wife and attempted  my first 200-km solo-ride from USJ26 - Bagan Lalang. 
It fell short of 6km to round off at 200. Nevertheless, I wasn't disappointed. 
That's where I discovered that my 2011 Dahon Jetstream had experienced some issues on its hydraulic brakes. And so begins the story of the Rogue Rider..

Longest ride solo: Bagan Lalang
Practically, still my record ride on a folding bike
Journey to Land's End..

Michell and I had planned to ride during the Chinese New Year. 
Since everybody was away, we pushed for a ride from Muar to Tanjung Piai, Asia's Land's End. It was a successful ride, however, I paid a dear price for falling sick with a bad chest infection.

Solid touring: At Pontian, Johor, with Michelle
Land's End
May: The great offroad bikepacking adventure..

Its not easy to be in the inner-circle of a master bikepacker. We are proud to be in the midst of it and really enjoyed the great company of Master TT Siang and his wife Angela. In May, we did a ride from Rawang - Sekinchan, covering a distance of 150km. It was awesome beyond words!

Foldies on the trail: The Sekinchan advenure

The gang!

I had a run-in with the K2 Asia people in late 2011. After six months of non-activity, I finally received an email from Tern Bicycles to collaborate on a review. My first test-ride was the Eclipse S11i. We worked out our differences with the K2 Asia people and moved on.. It was the beginning of a fruitful relationship between me and Tern.

The awesome Tern Eclipse S11i
Testing the bilke to the fullest: On the Eclipse S11i
 June: Good just got better!

I continued with my Macro photography work. Just so that I won't lose touch. And it was like riding a bicycle. The same month, we did plenty of short, middle and long distance rides. The most memorable trip was to Tg Sepat where we did an overnight tour using a new route from Puchong to Jenjarom...

A lovely jumping spider shot in Putrajaya's Botanical park

Bee, feeding on sweat droplets on my arm
Wrong turn: The ride to Tg Sepat
With my wife, an amazing person!

My most memorable shot of Tg Sepat

And here comes the awesome Canon EF400mm F5.6L!

I toyed with the idea of bird photography. It would add variety to my Macro shots and as a nature photographer, I truly enjoyed the combination of the Canon EOS7D and the EF400mm F5.6L as it is an excellent beginner's birding lens!

Spotting for birds in Kuala Selangor

A smallie captured by the 400mm lens

Yellow-crested bul-bul

A mating pair
 Continues in part 2...

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