Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spyderco's Blue Bone Endura

An object of desire..
Spyderco's flagship knife: the C-10 Endura was introduced more than 22 years ago.
At its infancy, this folding knife is ahead of its time.
It features a pocket clip which is molded onto its thermoplastic handle and is also one of the very few blades to feature serrations.
Two models are available - serrated and plain edge.
If you collect Spyderco knives, the Endura would definitely appeal to you for its aesthetics and functionality. 

A knife that ages like fine wine
There are basically four incarnations of the Endura.
The present version is the 4th generation folder featuring a sleek-profile blade.
I carry the Endura 4 during my outings and it became an indispensable cutting tool in my hikes and touring rides.
A recent announcement of a 'sprint-run' Blue Bone Endura caught my interest.
This one features a damascus blade, a titanium bolster and a jigged-bone handle.
What made it even more attractive, was the price-point.
An on-line dealer is selling it at USD$216 excluding shipping. 

Simply awesome: The Blue Bone Endura comes with a zippered presentation case
 To me, the Endura is a hallmark of Spyderco's engineering and creativity.
There are many versions of this knife, but the 'dress' version of the Spyderco Endura had captured my imagination.
If the timing is right, this would be an awesome Christmas gift!

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